Discography of Anthony Callea.


2005 Anthony Callea
Released: 25 March 2005
Label: Sony BMG
Format: CD
Peaked at No 1 - ARIA Chart
ARIA Accreditation: 2x Platinum

2006 A New Chapter
Released: 26 November 2006
Label: Sony BMG
Format: CD
Peaked at No 9 - ARIA Chart
ARIA Accreditation Gold

2013  '30'
Released 26 April 2013
Label: ABC/Universal
Format: CD
Peaked at NO 18 - ARIA Chart


2004 "The Prayer"
Peaked at no 1 - ARIA Chart
ARIA Accreditation 4 X Platinum

2005 "Rain"/"Bridge over Troubled Water"
Peaked at no 1 - ARIA Chart
ARIA Accreditation 2X Platinum

2005 "Hurts So Bad"
peaked at no 10 - ARIA Chart

2005 "Per Sempre (for Always)"
peaked at no 5 - ARIA Chart

2006 "Live for Love"
peaked at no 9 - ARIA Chart

2007 "Addicted to You"
peaked at no 19 - ARIA Chart

2011 - "Oh Oh Oh Oh"
Label - indpendent release
peaked no. 6 - AIR Official Independent Music Chart
peaked no.17- ARIA 'Australian Singles'  Chart

2012 - 'Last To Go'"
Label - independent release
peaked at no. 7  AIR Official Independent Music Chart


"I Wanna Know What Love Is" (studio recording Track 3 of Australian Idol: The Final 12 2004)

"Listen with Your Heart" (released as bonus CD to a limited number of debut albums)

"Wanna Be the One" (B-side to "Rain/Bridge Over Troubled Water"

"Don't Tell Me" (B-side to "Rain/Bridge Over Troubled Water"

"The Healing of a Heart" (Bambi 2 soundtrack)

"Meant for Love" (B-side to "Addicted to You")

"Try" (B-side to "Addicted to You")

"Whatever It Takes" (iTunes exclusive)

"Home" (on Home: Songs of Hope & Journey compilation)

"The Christmas Song" (on The Spirit of Christmas 2005 compilation)

"Far from Over" (iTunes exclusive)

"O Holy Night" (on the Stars Of Christmas Compilation - 2009)



2005 Anthony Callea Live in Concert
peaked no 3
Platinum ARIA Accreditation

Anthony Callea: Per Sempre (For Always) (DVD single) dual release with Per Sempre (For Always) single

Music videos

The Prayer


Bridge over Troubled Water

Hurts So Bad

Per Sempre (for Always)

Live for Love

Addicted to You

Oh Oh Oh Oh